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 •  If no appropriate recital is given during the semester, the highest achievable grade is a 'B.' _  
 •  If a jury is failed, the highest achievable grade during that semester is a 'B-.'  This grade includes the fact that a recital has been given during the same semester.  If no recital is given during a semester that one fails a jury, the highest achievable grade is a 'C-.'  
 •  Grades are based on individual performance throughout each individual semester.  

•  Each unexcused absence will incur a one-half grade drop.  i.e..,  B+ to B; A- to B+; etc.

 Make-up  Lessons
•  If you are unable to attend your lesson, please contact me by:

 a.  E-mail; leaving me a note on my door; or in my mailbox

 b.  calling me at the office (3445)
     c.  leaving a message on my office voice mail (3445)
  •  If I have to miss a lesson, I will either:  a.  contact you via phone or answering machine
     b.  leave a note on the office door
   •  If I am late for a lesson, wait twenty (20) minutes before you leave.  
   • Any lessons that are missed by me will be made up at a later date.  
   • If time allows, any lesson missed by a student will be made up at the teacher’s discretion.  *Not all student-missed lessons will be re-scheduled.

 • Even if you are not prepared for a lesson, still attend.  There are numerous aspects that need work, i.e., warm-ups; sight-reading; increase sound; high range; etc.


 • All MAJORS on scholarships must be registered in one (1) major ensemble and private lessons. If you are not registered for both during each semester, your scholarship will be put on probationary status.

   • All majors must perform in the tuba/euphonium ensemble.  No excuses will be allowed.  

 • Tuba/Euphonium rehearsals are every Tuesday and most Thursdays throughout the semester at 11:00 a.m.  Attendance for both is mandatory.  If either of these days are missed due to unexcused absence, the same grading procedure will apply as if it were a missed lesson.


 •  Each year I will have one (1) assistant to help conduct and coach the tuba/euphonium ensemble. This person will be treated as if it is Professor Cox doing the conducting or coaching.


 • If a small group of tubas, euphoniums, or a combination of both would like coaching, please contact me to set aside some coaching time.

 Secondary  Instrument

 • All majors are highly encouraged to take another low brass instrument, string bass, or piano as a  secondary instrument.

 •Tutoring is available through the university.  It is free of charge and available to all students.  

CMU, an AA/EO institution, is strongly and actively committed to increasing diversity within its community (see  CMU provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations to participate in educational programs, activities or services.  Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should call Mark Cox at (517) 774-3445 as soon as possible.


Syllabus - General Requirements